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Lean Into God 2021

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Day #11 Great morning. Sorry that I haven’t posted but #StillIRise #StillStanding #StillLeaningIn Meditating daily on Proverbs since this fast started, has been enlightening and I’m definitely recognizing the need for wisdom. I’m grateful for this study for it is so appropriate for this fast. In Proverbs 9:17 I recognize that despite no one watching sin is sin and despite the immediate gratification of that sin, it still has consequences. In Chapter 10:12 that mistakes are made in relationships and oftentimes we resort to anger. But honestly if that relationship means something to us we must learn to apply God’s love rather than bitterness. In chapter 11 is all about humility and kindness. Being dishonest does not sit well with the Father. He hates it for it goes against the holy character that his children should be demonstrating. When we humble ourselves we are opening our hearts to receive the necessary wisdom and direction that God has for us. Living by God’s Word and according to His will is life at its very best. Be encouraged for #OnlyGodCanDoIt

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