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This book deals with the focus and intentionality of detoxing the mind. As you read this book it is my prayer that you will become mindful of your present and constant thoughts and patterns in which you think. There are so many modalities and techniques to train our minds but nothing does it quite like  the word of God. I've come to realize that many of us walk around with our "minds full" but, rarely are we mindful of the thoughts that floodgates our minds constantly . This Beloved is what Mind Detox is all about.  It's about becoming mindful of our thoughts, grabbing a hold of them, then filtering them through the infiltration system which is the word of God. The Word then acts as a detox that eliminate poisonous, negative thoughts and lies through the strainer of truth, which produces peace, harmony and mental wellness. So when we cultivate the ability to pay attention, we cultivate the ability to see God and receive divine gifts in each moment. We also cultivate the ability to be fully present to those around us.

Mind Detox Ebook

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