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It's worth the wait for the weight!

Updated: Jun 30

Blessings Beloved,

I want to share a quick word with you. While this may not resonate with all of you at this moment, it could hold significance for a future chapter in your life. Some may experience an instant confirmation causing your "baby to leap", while others might benefit from reflecting on it through prayer.

"Last night, I had a dream where I found myself standing in front of an altar in the Presence of God. In the dream, I felt as if I were pregnant, although I was uncertain about how to proceed. I understood that this was not a physical pregnancy but a spiritual one. I felt a desire to transfer the responsibility to someone else. I hesitated to bear the burden of what I was about to bring forth; I hoped for someone else to provide me with answers and to intercede through prayer on my behalf. It was then that my Spiritual Mother appeared and softly said to me, "There are just some things you can't have others pray for. You have to pray for it yourself"

I stood before God at the altar, fully aware that the only way to receive the answers I sought was to remain in the presence of the LORD for as long as necessary to obtain what I required.

Although I initially intended to keep this to myself and share only with my husband, I sensed the prompting of the Holy Spirit urging me to reach out to you. I want to convey that the breakthrough you seek from God will only manifest when you vocalize your needs. It will happen when you realize that God is willing to respond to the inquiries you present to Him. The burden you are carrying is deserving of the patience required in prayer before the LORD so that the significance of what you will bring forth will justify the delay. Similar to how it's beneficial for a woman to carry her baby to full term to ensure a healthy birth weight, the petition you have laid before the LORD at this moment is equally significant.


I firmly believe that we are living in a period similar to that of Prophetess Anna. Just like her, she was certain that God had given her a message and she persevered in her mission despite the lengthy wait. If this resonates with you, I invite you to join me in exploring the Anna Anointing, commencing in July. I am convinced that what you require will emerge through the womb of intercession. To sign up, please click on the link below.

May God bless you and grant you peace, rest, and prosperity on every side in Jesus' name. Amen!

"Please comment and share if this resonated with you!"

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John 11:41-42 I will go out on a limb and take this as a confirmation. I have struggled in the area of prayer for a very, very long time. Even though I know from experience that God hears my prayers. The reasons for the struggle are various (sin, shaming because of how I pray, etc.) Finally, I have grown uncomfortable with struggling. I asked God to help me, to get back to being comfortable to just come to Him in prayer and stop waiting for someone else to take me where I need/want to go (hearing directly from Him again). I was reading my Bible the other day in a place unrelated to John 11:41-42 when the words, …

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