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The Rise of The Intercessors!!!

In a world filled with chaos and uncertainty, a powerful calling is emerging - the calling of the intercessor. The Anna Anointing, beautifully expounded upon in Michelle McClain-Walter's inspiring book, holds the key to understanding and embracing this divine calling.

The Anna Anointing: A Divine Empowerment

The Anna Anointing, named after the biblical prophetess Anna, is a spiritual mantle that empowers individuals to fervently pray and intercede for others. Anna's unwavering dedication and commitment to prayer played a pivotal role in the birth of Jesus Christ. Her example serves as an inspiration for modern-day intercessors. Michelle McClain-Walter's book explores the depth and significance of the Anna Anointing, offering valuable insights and practical guidance on how to embody this anointing in our lives.

Embracing the Call to Intercession

Intercession is not reserved for a select few; it is a divine calling for every believer. The rise of the intercessor is a call to action, urging individuals to step into their role as spiritual warriors. Through the Anna Anointing, we are equipped to engage in strategic prayer, spiritual warfare, and prophetic intercession. As we align ourselves with God's heart, we can witness transformation and breakthroughs in our lives and the lives of others. The Anna Anointing book serves as a guide to help us embrace our calling as intercessors.

The Power of Prayer in Changing Circumstances

History is written on the backs of the Intercessors! Prayer possesses extraordinary power to change the course of history and shift the atmosphere around us. The Anna Anointing amplifies our prayers, enabling us to partner with God in bringing His Kingdom on earth. By interceding for our families, communities, nations, and the world at large, we become catalysts for divine intervention and transformation. Within the pages of the Anna Anointing book, we gain valuable insights into the dynamics of effective prayer and intercession.

Join Allison Mahon Ministries Mentorship Program

If you are passionate about embracing the Anna Anointing and growing in your journey as an intercessor, we invite you to join the Allison Mahon Ministries Mentorship program. This transformative mentoring experience will provide you with the tools, teachings, and community support necessary to develop and activate your intercessory gifts. Through weekly teachings, practical activations, and personal guidance, you will be equipped to walk in the fullness of your calling as an intercessor. The mentorship program offers a unique opportunity to study the Anna anointing in-depth and connect with a community of like-minded individuals on this spiritual journey.

The rise of the intercessor is a significant movement in our time, and the Anna Anointing serves as a powerful catalyst for this awakening. We encourage you to dive into this life-changing journey and together, let us rise as intercessors, shaping the course of history through the power of prayer.

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