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Lean Into God 2021

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I love serving Gods people!! It has always brought me joy. God is teaching me how to show up and show out no where I am and what my circumstances are! I am his representation that is miraculously, and magnificently made! Through him and by him all things are possible!!!

Last week my cousin who is over 300 lbs. called me for help in moving her belongings to her new place because her daughter and grandchildren flaked on her. I already had an outreach event I was paying it forward to but I suited and masked up to assist.

Following the move I was blessed to set up the decor for an event my sister was sponsoring. She is a 75 old incarcerated women out on house arrest who through Gods favor is paying it forward. Her group was casting a videotaping of other seniors that were incarcerated. I asked God what shouldI do to help support them. I begin the day before pulling out my elegant cloth tablecloths, flowers, centerpiece, Covid 19 PPE, reusable and disposable mask, gloves and gallon Spa hand sanitizer. With joy in my heart I begin to prepare my personal handmade blinged gift bags and filled them with specialty items I knew they would love. I set up and got out before there before the crew and cast showed.

One week later my cousin I helped move called me to say she had tested positive for Covid last week!! Last Week! I immediately prayed to God and somehow this time I knew no matter what God was not gonna allow the devil to snatch me and my daughter! I called rapid Ready Responders and they came out the very next day (yesterday) and we tested Negative. This should have gone bad but Gods faithfulness towards us shows up and showed out! I also received a letter from my employer this same day regarding a bonus that I will be receiving for outstanding work; that I will surely pay it forward ❤️. Did I fail to mention keep finding money throughout my house as I move about.

My testimony is just too huge for this post but, I just couldn’t hold it in... I had to share just a small portion of how God is moving in my life as I walk with him during this great journey! Lord I

Thank you lord and thank you Allison Mahon for saying YES to Gods calling on your life!!!!!

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Meridith Anatole-Justin
Allison Mahon
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Marian Fort
Feb 03, 2021

Thank you Jesus!!



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