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Lean Into God 2021

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Day 15

I work with Seniors/disabled and during this Pandemic there have been 9 deaths in the past 5 weeks. (not due to Covid-19) Now I am deeply passionate when it comes to my clients , my outreach ministry, etc. and I value my walk with them!

Lately, some residents have been I addressing staff with their mask down as we pass through the lobby. Instead of responding which takes thought; I quickly reacted with a stern voice and I instructed them of the mandatory face mask policy! The look on their face and their reaction was not pleasant. As I began to softly apologize for my reaction remind them of the dangers and consequences the situation was respectfully resolved. As I softly and kindly responded and not reacted. When I got back to my office I asked GOD to help me respond to clients and residents in these kind situations with wisdom and kindness. I posted a nice blog in our community website regarding the situation. With a gentle spirit I reminded them thatt new mask is always available 24 hours at the guards desk for those who need replacement mask.

Today as I read Proverbs 15; verse 15 resonated with me because how I respond or react to others makes all the difference in the world!





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