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Lean Into God 2021

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Day #5 - It’s a new day. A new dawn. And this morning I’m giving God thanks for my WHOLENESS. I TRUST You Lord. This morning as I meditate on Proverbs 5 v 21 tells me that God is constantly watching over me. And the verse reads “For the ways of man are before the eyes of the Lord, And He ponders all his paths“ - This is definitely a wow moment for me. Because even though it is reassuring to know that God sees and knows everything it really brings one full circle to get it RIGHT. He knows my decisions even the ridiculous ones, He observes behavior and examines hearts. So to hear well done my good and faithful servant starts right now because He is watching. So instead of trying this thing call life on your own I encourage you and ME to seek God‘s counsel and #LeanIn. God knows our every need and invites us to to ask Him. Be encouraged for #OnlyGodCanDoIt Happy FriYAY!!!

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