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Lean Into God 2021

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Reading Proverbs 26, there were two verses that stuck out for me. Verse 4: Don't answer the foolish arguments of fools, or you will become as foolish as they are. It made me laugh because I remember arguing with an ex boyfriend via text, about 200 text were exchanged. At the end, he said, "just so you know, I didn't read any of your text. I just needed to get that off of my chest". LOL I could only be upset with myself because I chose to engage in such a foolish and apparent, one way argument. Verse 17: Interfering in someone else's argument is as foolish as yanking a dog's ears". Boy, I am truly guilty of this for the purpose of defusing it, but defusing it can cause danger to self. I became more aware of interfering when my son was about 7 and I saw a young couple fighting. I was going to try to calm it down until my son asked me not to because he was afraid I was going to get hurt. I took heed and simply prayed.

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