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Lean Into God 2021

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Day #29 - It’s been a tedious last few days relocating but as I was getting ready for bed I was moved to catch up. I sat here and read proverbs 29 and verse 6 states that by transgression an evil is snared but the righteous sings and rejoices. So many of us are quick to see ourselves as good after doing what we know is wrong “sin” (that goes for believers and unbelievers) but here the word is telling us that good works won’t save us and our transgressions REQUIRE repentance. Self justification nor denial will do it. This is a perfect example of how #leaninginto #relyingon and having #confidencein God increases that trust that can free us from that bondage to sin. Then and only then we would be able to truly sing and rejoice. Be encouraged for true freedom only comes from God 🙌🏾

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Feb 03, 2021




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