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Comfort My People, There is Hope!

In a time when it looks like everything around us is failing, many are looking for a word from the LORD. Early this morning I heard the Lord say "After this, you will look like Me." I woke up and began to prepare myself for 5:00AM prayer. When I got on the Live I began to talk to the people (see video below), Isaiah 40 came to mind and I began to Comfort the People and admonish them to Fear not, for the Lord is with us. Do not faint in this season, but wait on the Lord and He shall renew your strength. The Lord wants to remind His people that He is still God. The spirit of fear has to be driven out of our hearts, minds, region and nation in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Spend some time meditating on Isaiah 40 keep His word before you and you will not fail. Encourage yourself in the LORD, He will never leave nor forsake us. This virus had lost the battle in Jesus name. In this season of Passover, The Blood of JESUS shall PREVAIL.

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