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Day 20

Great Morning Beloved!!

What a mighty God we serve! Today Expectancy was on the heart of God. Many of us have been waiting for the fulfillment of God's promises and even your own dreams. Today I am excited as we have been diligent in prayer today marks our first 20 days YAYYYYYY us!

By the grace of God we will continue to press forward in Jesus Name. 20 is symbolic with waiting scripturally and even a sign of expectation. I Prophesy that this is our day of Expectation!

Here are some Biblical references to 20 (waiting) but it ALL came to pass!

  • Twenty years Jacob waited to get possession of his wives and property, Gen 21:38,41.

  • Twenty years Israel waited for a deliverer from Jabin's oppression, Judg 4:3.

  • Twenty years Israel waited for deliverance through Samson, Judg 15:20, 16:31. But his work was never much more than "begun," Judg 13:25.

  • Twenty years the Ark of the Covenant waited at Kirjath-jearim, 1 Sam 7:2.

  • Twenty years Solomon was waiting for the completion of the two houses, 1 Kings 9:10; 2 Chron 8:1.


Please Read this Prophetic Word by Bishop Rufus Mahon:

January 20, 2022

Many of my people are in a Red Sea season of their lives. The Red Sea is the place that Israel crossed over into a new land, territory, atmosphere, provision and even the way I dealt with Israel. Israel faced 2 problems at the point of crossing

1. Fear

2. Unbelief

These are the 2 factors that are facing many of my people as I desire to cross them over into a NEW

1. land

2. Territory

3. Atmosphere

4. Provision

Just like with Israel, Egypt did not want to let them go and desired to follow them into a new place and bring them into bondage there. This is the place that many of my people are at right now. FEAR has gripped many as they stand at the edge of crossing over into My Promises, says The Lord. My Promises are waiting for you, My Promises will keep you, My Promises will sustain you. Wherever My Promises are, I Am there as well. I DON'T SEPARATE FROM MY PROMISES, WE ARE ONE! If you have my promises you have Me, says The Lord, and My people must understand that.I am closer now to my people than I have ever been because I have come to execute what I have spoken over the lives of My People, but the enemy of FEAR has gripped and paralyzed many and they are stuck at the shore of their crossing over. Go forward, I will not leave you or forsake you! I am The God that has declared a BOUNTIFUL SEASON in the lives of My People, and it will surely come to pass says The Lord

Today's Scripture Reading

"Some trust in chariots, and some in horses; But we will remember the name of the Lord our GOD" (Psalm 20:7)

Reading Plan
  • Psalm 20(NKJV)

  • 2 Chronicles 7:12-14

  • Romans 10:9

  • Matthew 26:26 (Communion)

I Declare and Decree that this is my Year of Fulfillment!
Thank you for joining me on this Journey. May God strengthen and keep you throughout this day. Please Tag and Share to your friends and Family.

Agree with me that we will have 100 viewers daily praying with us for these next 100 days. I believe God for 100 documented Testimonies. The numbers are going up daily, THANK YOU for Tagging,Sharing and Partnering with me in Jesus name.
This year we will TESTIFY of the goodness of the LORD in the Land of the living. Please Continue to write in and share what the LORD is doing in your life during this time of prayer and fasting.
You can share Prophetic Insight with us during these 100 days through email

Send in those Prayer Request!!!


**LADIES: I also have a 12 week Mentorship that starts this Saturday, January 22nd. Also you need to do is purchase a copy of The Deborah Anointing Book By Michelle Mclaine-Walters. Send me an email saying you would like to participate and I will sign you up.

In the meantime you can Join our Mentorship Group by clicking the Link Below:

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Hallelujah!!!!!🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽. Thank you Bishop for speaking over us! I’m going forward in Jesus name!! Thank you Pastor Allison for that awesome and spirit filled prayer this morning! You guys rock!!!!!🙏🏽❤️


I continue to thank God for this Divine Connection!! I Believe God!!!

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