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Rest Is Warfare....

"For we who have believed (adhered to and trusted in and relied on God) do enter that rest"...(Hebrew 4:3)

This morning during worship I sense the Lord leading me to bring awareness of the posture we should take in this season. The Father began to say that many are frustrated because this not a season of labor but a season of REST. Many are declaring this to be a year of RESET and this is correct but the Spirit of Grace said remind the people that there is REST in the RESET. So many are overwhelmed and frustrated because many are not discerning the seasons and times that we are in. The Father wants to convey to His people that in this "Jubilee year" I have not only ordained Rest for my people, but also I have released an Anointing for EASE.

The struggle will cease when you began to Trust in Me for EVERYTHING! I have called some to run and the grace of ease is with them to accomplish more than they've done in past seasons. For others I have ordained a time of rest coupled with supernatural provision. Don't allow the social, economic or governmental currents to pull you under. Keep your focus on ME says GOD.

These are the times I have setup to bring reform to faulty systems and expose the insecurities of mans securities. Watch, Pray and Obey. This is the hour for a great outpour of my spirit (Joel 2:28). A time of the unexplainable, but one thing that will be sure is that many will call My name and be SAVED.


I AM calling for the WATCHMEN to stand in the GAP and petition me on behalf of the nations. Many of you are feeling an unexplainable desire to lock in and pray and though the "call" has been strong to produce, this too I have granted and mantled many for Wealth & Kingdom currency with the spirit of ease. Yet, I am still seeking the Seekers, says the LORD. These will trust me, and find rest knowing that I AM JEHOVAH JIREH ALL of your needs shall be supplied!

*A Note to the Watchmen.

What of the night?????

Don't be anxious for anything, says the Spirit of Grace. Cast your cares on me, let go of your burdens. Stand upon your watch for you are well needed in this hour. Share with my people what you see. Do not remain silent, for deliverance and enlargement is in your mouth.

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